Silent Light

The weather forecast was not good for today, however, rugby was on.  The boys headed off to that and I headed into town to do some shopping.  I then made my way back to the rugby and saw the tail end of the game.  The big attraction at rugby this morning was Biggles, the puppy belonging to one of the rugby team. He was so cute and very worthy of a blip, except he was constantly on the move.   It was then home to get BB cleaned up, while TT went out in search of a Christmas tree – and he came back with one.

I then left the boys and headed into Edinburgh.  My purpose was to get a haircut, but I was a bit early, so braved the shops – well only two or three shops and one of those I walked out of, as the queue was enormous.  I had however continued to be involved in sorting out the logistics of getting BB and friends to the rugby team pre-Christmas trampolining session.  Amazingly they got there and home again.  TT is a good taxi-even when he’s not sure of who he is taking, and where he is going!  He then left BB at a friend’s house, where he was having a sleepover, and headed into Edinburgh.  We eventually met up  at the house of a couple of friends – where we were treated to great hospitality and great company.  We had to run for our bus home, and just as we were approaching it, it drove off into the night.  That was the last express bus, so we had to wait a while  to get one that goes round everywhere.  We got home an hour later than we had hoped – but at least it wasn’t as cold as it had been earlier in the day.

I wandered through the lights in George Street – no dancing though!  This was taken just after 3pm - by which time it was already getting dark.

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