By Topsyturvy

Rainy Poppydog

Poppydog had the good sense to stay inside when I went out hunting a blip. Dripping twigs and a miserable view are all that was on offer after a brief recce and then I saw her face through the door. Job done! (I see her reflective boots work and I rather liked the flash in her eye!).

I made some more (hopefully, better) mince pies with just a little pastry star for the lid this time. More jam tarts for LH too - had to keep the knave's hands off them just for now!

The wonky Christmas tree has tinsel only so far; I've really not got the vibe going yet - maybe it'll be sorted tomorrow, especially if this mucky weather continues.

Wrote thank yous to my quilting friends from South who sent some wonderful little gifts, normally exchanged and opened at a Christmas lunch. Since they had it last Monday and I couldn't get down there with the stupid knee issues I had a lovely parcel of goodies to savour. What special people.

Fire is lit, and I've a trashy book ... all sorted for this evening :-)

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