An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Little Lady who lunches...

Esme and her mum Nikki came to visit today.  

They arrived just before 1pm, which was perfect timing as Esme's Christmas gift was dropped off this morning (something very special for her first Christmas :-) and I was worried they would all arrive at the same time!  Thankfully I had time to hide her gift away before she got here.

We were going out for lunch but I couldn't resist grabbing five minutes to photograph this little angel.  She has got such an expressive face and had me in stitches with all the little faces she was pulling.  I've put a couple in  extras.

We had a lovely lunch at Gloagburn.  Esme obliged by sleeping while we ate our lunch then woke full of smiles and polished off her milk in record time.  She was then very charming to everyone in the vicinity, drawing an older couple to her like moths to a flame.  Ooo I love being a Great Auntie :-))

Before leaving Nikki had a wander round the farm shop and I bumped into my friend Janice so had a quick catch up with her.  I also blackmailed gently persuaded David to buy a Christmas dec I have had my eye on at Gloagburn for weeks.  I suspect that might be my blip tomorrow.

Got back around 4.30pm and Nikki and Esme headed off home to try and avoid the worst of the traffic.  We came inside, sat down and put our feet up and promptly fell asleep, then both woke up coughing our heads off an hour later!

Soup for dinner as we were still quite full from lunch then the rest of the evening spent coughing.  Despite this we do think we are on the mend :-)

Funny thing happened this evening.  There are some wrapped Christmas gifts under the tree and Lola has shown no interest in them whatsoever.  This evening she disappeared for a few minutes then I heard David's dulcet tones saying "No!  Lola! No! Give!" and he emerged from the living room with a Christmas gift with a rather soggy corner where she'd been attempting to get into it.  He checked the gift tag and laughed as from all the gifts under the tree, she'd managed to pick one that is actually for her.  I think there's nothing wrong with her sense of smell!  :-))))

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