Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly


A few more Christmas decorations went up today, but no tree yet. I’m undecided about it. I do love a few reindeer at Christmas! These are on a bookshelf in the lounge. I have another small ‘herd’ on my kitchen windowsill, surrounded by ‘snow’.

It was otherwise a desk day today, plus a quick trip to the post office, and a new survey for my ongoing fireplace project. It looks like I am going to switch to another company mid-project, even though it will cost me more money. It’s worth it to get it done right in a house I’ll probably live in for years. After all, I’ll sit in front of it almost every day!

I’m enjoying Christmas movies this year - another one was watched on Netflix this evening: ‘A Christmas Prince - The Royal Wedding’ - a sequel to last year’s ‘A Christmas Prince’. A bit of an adult fairy tale! Soppy but so enjoyable!

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