By strawhouse


Despite it being Miss L's Christmas school fair today, this seems to be the only photo Mr K and I took between us!
The Little Misses worshipping at the altar in the sweet aisle in Tescos after swimming!!
The Christmas fair was good. Mrs F came along with Misses A and J. The children disappeared off to look at stuff they wanted, us grown ups got tea (me), coffee and bratwurst (Mrs F and Mr K)
I got a few presents for the Little Misses; Miss L won about two hundred soft toys on the teddy tombola (because she really doesn't have enough bless her) and also won a bottle of Prosecco, a bottle of mulled wine and some sparkling rosé on the tombola. Clever girl!! Miss E bought herself a notebook (because she doesn't have enough of those!!)
So everyone was happy!
Then it was home to listen to the football. Once it got to 0-2 I got in the bath. So missed Liverpool's third goal. Bloody Watford!!

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