An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Slow slide to Santa...

Look at me blipping early!  

I think this is the first time in ages I've blipped without there being just minutes to spare before the midnight hour!

Another night of coughing (I could hear David echoing me from the front room) has led us to conclude that the cough bottles David bought are rubbish.  I also learned after reading the blurb on the bottle today that it's actually a cough suppressant, which is what I don't want.  And it tastes vile!  I just want something to soothe the symptoms.  Never thought I would see the day I would crave a bottle of Covonia! 

As I am so organised (can't believe I am saying that, but it's true! :-) I toyed with the idea of going to St Andrews with David (he had another dental appointment.  Just a check up this time) but the weather has been so miserable and he didn't leave here till almost 2.30pm to get there for 3.30pm that the light was gone, so there was no point.  

Instead, I stayed home and ironed...except I didn't.  That's what I planned to do but couldn't face it changed my priorities and looked out our Christmas crockery, mugs, serving plates, place mats, glasses, napkin, table cloths, sugar and cream set and tea pot.  There's still a cupboard shelf in the utility room full of stuff that I can't reach so will have to wait for D to do that.  He will be delighted. 

I've been asking him for ages to bring this stuff to the kitchen to replace our regular items but his answer was "It's just in a cupboard in the utility room so we can just go and get things as we need them" but human nature being what it is, when making a quick coffee, upon opening the coffee mug cupboard in the kitchen, we are not going to get a mug out, then remember there are Christmas mugs available in the utility room, put the original mug away and go get a Christmas mug.  To get used, they have to be there within arms reach!

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I bother!

After that I relaxed in the garden room as everyone was out.  Even Lola, who had a brilliant time on the moor with R.  She's been zonked in her bed in the boot room since.

Alan and Jordan have just returned.  Christine has arrived and D due back any minute.  Alan going for a swim, which will involve all of them, so I shall continue to relax whilst using the time to think about what to make for dinner tomorrow night when Ele and Kenny are here. 

I may need a small Baileys to help focus my mind ;-)

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