Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Shortest day

Much to get done today and I still haven't blipped yesterday!

Much of the morning was spent collating things for the first newsletter for the new business. G had to do the blog post for today. She decided to write about the Cold Moon tonight and the fact that there won't be another one coinciding with the winter solstice until 2029!

We drove to Hindhead to see friends Ian and Barbara. Ian's Parkinson's is making him deteriorate faster than anyone would like. We had a good visit still. Drove back to Wonersh for Carols on the Green and I was amazed at how clear the road was. No hold-ups at all and we were right on time.

I think this years' was better than the last. No switching between tunes mid carol and at 10degC, it was definitely more manageable. The ground was really muddy and soft with all the rain we've had, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirit. There were a number of people who had brought their dogs, one of them, I noticed, was a guide dog. A conversation began and before you know it, we were talking about living in Dubai! A most interesting person. I should record that it was fifty years ago to the day that my mum landed with my elder sister and me, to join my Dad in Dubai!

Home slightly later than expected. It's been a very good day; and looking at the temps for tomorrow, a good start to the weekend. I might even be able to get to my blip buddies! :) It's all uphill now.

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