Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



I had to wake early to do the jobs I wasn't able to last night - like hoover etc. I'm surprised at how long it took - but that's because I am thorough! ;)

We were all ready by the time G's student arrived. She taught whilst I ironed! We then had a quick lunch and a bit of a nap before we drove up to RAK for the Lavylites Christmas BBQ!

G loves a BBQ and as soon as I heard that's what they were doing for their Christmas get-together, I booked it! So, I got to do a first today... It's the first time I can recall travelling up to Ras Al Khaimah for a party!

We called in at Barracuda on the way up. I hadn't been in ages, so it was great to be reintroduced and find out that they are quite a bit cheaper than The Cellars, where we have started to go. We also called in at Spinneys to get some meat for the BBQ. G had taken some skewers, but they couldn't be used as they didn't thaw out in time.

RAK has evening temperatures that resemble December. It was 16 when we left! We had a happy evening, and there was even a Secret Santa gift exchange. We were all asked to pick a random number, and each present was marked with numbers as well. G somehow managed to pick the gift that she had taken in!

We got a group photo of the Lavyliters to mark the first Christmas party of this young company. We made a couple of new friends. It was great to get home in an hour. I guess the sensible people had all gone home leaving the roads relatively clear. There was the small matter of making three trips to get everything from the car back to the flat.

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