Robin to the rescue

Another miserable grey and very wet day. Somehow time just ran away from me today and it was time this afternoon to leave for the sanctuary before I knew it! The Heron was a the small pond when I rode past it but not only did I not have time to stop as I was already running late, it was also raining rather heavily at that moment.

For the last two weeks or so I've taken a small jar of Robin food with me to the park and on most afternoons the Robin that I've blipped on the 22nd November comes down to eat some of it. I'd been unable to get another photo of him since then because the compact camera couldn't cope well enough with the poor conditions and the Robin disappeared each time before I could get my larger camera out of my bag. I hadn't seen him the last two days though and I didn't really expect to see him today either as it was still raining when the sanctuary's female Rottweiler Loïka and I stopped at the bench where I put down the food.

I had already more or less resigned myself to blipping a photo of rabbit Rosie when I got home when to my surprise I spotted the Robin perched on a branch of the nearby Holly shrub. He stayed in the same spot this time, probably sheltering from the rain, so I got the camera out of my bag and this time I was able to take some shots of him while Loïka sat waiting patiently to continue our walk. The Heron was still at the small pond when we walked past it but by then it was already getting too dark to even attempt to take a photo.

Getting rather nervous and stressed about an important appointment on Friday morning that I wish was already behind me. I have to go downstairs to take care of Rosie now but I hope to be able to reply to some comments when I get back upstairs.

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