There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Walk on the Green Path

After two days of visiting family, it was time for a day around town. So my husband and I took the Impala and ran some errands, which included going to the bank, getting gas, and doing some shopping. As they say, it was very "people-y" out there, and by the time our errands were done, we'd had enough of town.

So we went for a little hike along Spring Creek, parking the car at the Shiloh Road access point. I like to stop along Spring Creek for an occasional hike in the mornings, but I don't often visit this part of it. The road in is pretty wretched, full of potholes and bumps, and there were more cars in and out than usual because a lot of people are off work this week.

This was a view of the path as we headed back to the car after our short visit. It is surprisingly green along the pathway right now. We did have one major snow so far - a foot of the white stuff, back in November, before Thanksgiving. But really nothing significant since then. The path looks more like spring right now than winter. So let's walk on!

The soundtrack song is U2 with Walk On.

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