I took a bunch of photos today but they weren’t very awe-inspiring. I thought maybe if I sat in the driveway while there was still a little daylight maybe I’d nab something different; possibly a bunny or Great Roadrunner. I don’t think it’s meant to be.

I’m getting kind of cold. The wind is picking up and it’s about 47°/8.3°. (I just figured out how to make the degree symbol with my iPhone keyboard!) The good news is that it’s not supposed to freeze tonight. I was chopping up ice on the birds water dishes for a while this morning. The bad news is that we’re expecting hard freezes overnight from Tuesday through Friday.

I called the lodge at Madera Canyon to adjust my reservations in March. I thought they may have been closed because of the misguided government shutdown. After all, it is located in the Coronado NATIONAL Forest. I didn’t realize that most of the visiting areas, including the cabins and casitas were leased from the Forest Service. The only effect that the shutdown has had is a gross one: the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned, “stuff” is overflowing and toilet paper hasn’t been put out...all because he and his deplorables want a wall. I live near the border. This area is dependent upon a cross-border economy. No wall!

I went to lunch in Tubac yesterday and still had to go through a waste of money interior Border Patrol checkpoint. I’d like our jackass ‘leader’ to experience just one facet of real American life. Just one. Anywhere.

But , hey, the Bills squished the fish, 47-14. End of season.

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