Iris in the park

Last day at work this year. Last day of blip calendar year 8. A somewhat nostalgic evening so far. Just S and me. We listened to Queen Greatest Hits on CD, to accompany the wine and cheese. Now with the apple crumble the CD player is giving us Cher, Greatest Hits. Remembering a long time ago.

Back to now. The sun has set for the last time in 2018. Humans count anything and everything. The number of steps connecting the clifftop to the beach at Snells. There are lots more connecting Algies Bay to the reserve on Highfield. But there is one place where the path goes down a few steps as well. And how many birds do I see and count? Shall I do that again in 2019? Or sunrises?

So much medical research has become a matter of numbers as investigators chase the magical p value (<0.5), and they claim that showing that something is related to something means something when the something that is done as a result is not wanted by the real persons who have real problems that don’t yet have answers. (Too many words in that sentence.)

When I attended the inpatient unit meeting this morning It was obvious that we struggle to know what to do when someone doesn’t follow the expected path to recovery. Afterwards I walked a little in the Auckland Domain, which is where I saw this one iris still in flower.

This evening I played a bit with the Panasonic LUMIX bridge camera. I have only one extra available this year (more counting) and I chose to enlarge a photo of one of the crucifix orchid flowers. Can’t think what might be the right words to put in a speech bubble for it.

Perhaps “Happy New Year all” might fit, as those who kept some Guy Fawkes fireworks have begun to set them off.

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