By spannarama

Quadruple vision

Another lovely lie-in this morning!  Getting a bit worried about how we're going to cope when we have to go back to work....  Anyway, we got up and got on with a few jobs.  I finally tidied up the pile of crapola next to my side of the bed, and popped down to Sainsbury's, too.  Called my Mum on the way - she's still feeling a bit under the weather, bless her.  She told me later that my sister's family have all got a stomach bug, too - so maybe it's that.  Wonder if it's my turn next....

Tim spent pretty much all day working on a very frustrating problem with his bike brakes.  He finally got there, and we then had the last of our chicken soup for dinner.  I had a little play with another of my Christmas gifts from my sister while the soup was cooking - love it! 

Settling down for a very quiet New Year's Eve now :)

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