Rodents rule

By squirk

New Year's walk

Happy New Year! I can't quite believe that we're embarking on another year. Where did the last one go? On our walk around Bickley and Chislehurst, Lindsey and I wondered how we could make the upcoming year go slower. Time seemed infinite as a child.

The walk blew away the cobwebs and we enjoyed being on the fringes of the city with trees, fields and even sheep and horses seen on the way. Our youngest walker wasn't quite of sorts and couldn't make up her mind whether she wanted to walk or go in the buggy. Really she wanted to be carried but she's too heavy for that over long distances now (she doesn't do sitting on shoulders). Hooray for a wee pack of raisins! That got her in the buggy and peace was restored until she couldn't reach the raisins jammed in at the bottom.

We lunched at a pub and we amused the youngest team member with paper aeroplanes, peek-a-boo, hands that became spiders and a scarf that became a snake. Fun all round.

After tea and cake back in Bickley we caught the train and walked home from Sydenham Hill. The cat was relieved that we hadn't abandoned him for a full week. He's not in The Sulk mode yet. Phew.

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