Everything's totally wrong about this image, but there's something about it I like, it's rather abstract, and is it’s Thursday, I thought I’d enter it for Abstract Thursday, hope that’s ok Ingebord?

I left for work at 7.15am and the traffic was quiet so I was in the centre of town by 7.30am, it was still dark and the reflections from the pier looked lovely on the calm sea, so I decided to pull up and take a couple of photos.  There's lots of parking down on Madeira Drive, but it's free to park before 9am, so I parked up, albeit in a disabled zone, but there was a whole stretch of disabled parking, parking for electric cars and also a loading area.  

Big mistake! I was literally only 10 minutes but when I got back to the car at 7.40am, I had a parking ticket!  The traffic warden was over the other side of the road, so I put my camera in the car and walked over to him and explained that I was on my way to work, had nipped down to the beach to take a couple of shots and that it wasn't 9am.  He said that rule isn't applicable for disabled parking bays which have a 24 hour restriction on them.  He also said that you can only park in the loading bays for a maximum of 10 minutes, which is why he was still there, as someone had parked there, so he was waiting to see if they returned.

I'm very aware of parking restrictions, always adhere to the rules, and would never normally park in a disabled space, but as there was no-one around, it was still very early and it wasn't the only space, I really didn't think it would be a problem.  I've learnt my lesson though and these were the most expensive photos I've taken - they aren't even that good!  I asked him if there was any way he could cancel the ticket, but he said that he could't because it's all digital and has already been reported.  However, I think he could see that I was genuine, and also I was polite with him, so he said if I could think of a good reason as to why I'd had to park there, I could always appeal.  He then went on to say that if I was feeling unwell and had to get out of the car, they may look at it leniently.  I thanked him, and then he said that if I liked, he could add a comment to his report, that he had seen me return to the car and that I was unwell.  It's rather naughty I know, but worth a try!

Anyway, back to my blip - I was stood taking my photos of the pier when I heard the pebbles crunching on the beach, and I turned to see who it could be at that time of the morning, and saw these open water swimmers.  They must be mad, the air temperature was 3 degrees and it was still relatively dark, but it was quite amusing listening to their groans and gasps as they walked into the freezing water.  The blurred effect of this image seems to make it look even colder!

Work was busy, and I'm hoping I don't come down with the lurgy that I managed to fight off over Christmas, but Julie my colleague was full of a cold and also one of our patients didn't seem to think it was a problem to be stood at reception coughing all over me, whilst at the same time saying how happy she was that she'd been given a prescription for some antibiotics!  

Anne's been round for a catch up this afternoon and tonight I'm back to zumba, while Alan's going to his shooting club.  I'm tired though after my early start and could easily be persuaded not to go, but I know i'll enjoy it when I get there.

Just as I finished writing this we had a power cut! I thought something must have tripped but I looked out of the window and could see that all power had gone in our street. It’s back on now and I’ve got the torch to hand should it go again!

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