Happy Dance

I'm glad I have these mighty hummingbirds to do happy dances for me periodically, especially since it looks like I might not be doing any for a while.  But there is more happiness than gloom today, depending on one's perspective.

I saw an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon.  After taking a look at the x-ray and CT, she explained that I had suffered an avulsion fracture  .  It won't need surgery or a cast but the boot stays until it's completely healed.  That could take up to three months with lots of rest, ice, compression and elevation. 

I was struggling to keep my foot even a little off the ground with the crutches so now I have my choice of using a walker, which makes me feel more stable.  With the crutches I almost fell a couple of times due to my wonderful *snigger* balancing ability. I can add weight as tolerated, which is not much at the moment and try to move it around as much as I can when I'm resting but not to the point of pain.  At least I can drive.  I feel a little helpless when it comes to taking care of Mom, especially when it comes to fixing meals.  She generally won't eat unless the food is placed in front of her.

Even though I might not be able to do much hiking, I should still be able to take my planned holiday, March 2-6 in Madera Canyon.  I can now call my brother Frank and give him the green light to come from Buffalo.

So, despite the terrible start to the year, I can live a little vicariously through this female black-chinned and see some light at the end of a fairly long tunnel.

In case you didn't know: hummingbirds don't flap their wings.  They move them in a figure-8 pattern. That's why they can do what hummingbirds do!

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