Greenwood Furnace, the Water Smooth as Glass

lt was another of my freedom Fridays, and the weather was expected to be mild, with a bit of sunshine here and there. My husband and I decided to go to Couch's in McAlevy's Fort for a nice lunch of hot roast beef sandwiches and curly fries with gravy, and then go hiking in the afternoon at both Greenwood Furnace and Whipple Dam, two favorite summer swimming destinations.

I was delighted when we arrived at Greenwood Furnace to discover the conditions very still, without a ripple on the water. It was a great day for reflections photos, and I took a LOT! Then we went over to Whipple Dam, and it was just as lovely there.

The main photo above is from Greenwood Furnace. The red building is right by the swimming area, and in summertime, a snack bar is often open there. The water at Greenwood is among the coldest I know and I adore a good refreshing swim; my husband and I joked that on this day, the water probably was not much colder than usual.

The scene above reminds me of the buildings at the resort that Baby and her family stay at in the film Dirty Dancing. It wouldn't require too much imagination to picture a young Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey doing lifts in the lake in practice for the big dance.

The photo in the extras is from Whipple Dam. There is a lone boat in the foreground, and the swimming area, a sandy beach lined with pines, is visible just beyond that. How fortunate we were to visit two favorite places, with the water smooth as glass, on a January day!

The song I've picked to accompany these two images is a favorite by Blondie, Heart of Glass.

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