New Friends

When I finally put my tree up not long before Christmas, I thought that it might provide for me some ‘emergency blips’ while it was up. I didn’t but really need that, however, as I seemed to have plenty of other suitable pictures for my blip journal. But now it’s provided me with two emergency blips this week! It’s a good thing I’ve decided to keep the tree up until at least this weekend!

The little girl on the left - ‘Santa’s helper’ - was given to me by my lovely Swedish friends and I love her! The felted dog was a gift from my sister this Christmas, and the two of them are hanging near each other on the tree so it looks like they have become good friends.

I heard tonight that the Queen leaves her tree up until February! Not sure if that’s accurate, but if so, I’d be in good company if I left it up even behind this weekend!

I arrived back from Houston late this morning. Never so glad to land! I’m determined now to take the next couple of days off as complete rest days. I MUST kick this lingering virus!

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