I was not in the office today as it suits them better for me to come in tomorrow. 

The Hippie has disappeared to a Buddhist retreat for a long weekend and so it made sense for resources (me) to be re-allocated. I’m tempted to suggest she’s a bit too spaced out already, but that would be unkind


It boiled down to “no change” as far as I was concerned, as the day was mostly consumed by more work on annual accounts, interspersed with laundry to break the monotony. I reckon another hour at the weekend and the accounts will be ready to dump on the accountant from a great height

After lunch it was “running errands” time, and so over to collect some dry cleaning in Burntisland. Turns out the shop is closed all day on Thursdays. This caused a Grumpy Old Man moment, and sweary words were used. 

To pacify myself I went across the street for coffee. It’s a new place - in the last 2-3 months - and I’ve only been once before, but it is excellent. Not cheap, but quality usually isn’t.  

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