It's been a long day, but with internet connection :-)

This evening we had our Finnish friends over from the area. One lady is new to the area, so we invited her and the other Finnish couple we know for some tee. It was a very nice evening. Both ladies are crafty people so we had nice discussion about crafts and creativity. And about everything else in the world. And in Finnish!

I assume you know that in your own language you can say what you want. In other languages you say what you can. There's a massive difference!

First day of the ola de frio almost behind us. Minimum was 4° and maximum 13°C. Tomorrows are 1°C and 12°. That's the coldest forecast. Saturday we might go as high as 14°C and then it's back to the usual 17°C as max. Mind you it's at max only few hours in the afternoon, so it's not like it's warm here.

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