The accidental finding

By woodpeckers


An afternoon at the panto for me and Dave. We went for lunch first at Bill's. The service was slow, very slow.

As for the panto at the Everyman Theatre, it was very entertaining, with plenty of music, dance and a certain amount of circus skills (Gifford's circus is based near Stroud, so there is most likely a link. Tweedy the Clown from Gifford's plays a role in the panto every year. He is also playing an apparently serious role in Waiting for Godot, next month. I've booked tickets already).

I hadn't been to a panto for around ten years, and found it highly amusing, and shouted along with the kids.Interestingly, one of my cousins children, aged 13, had just been to a panto, and her verdict was, "very childish"!

I didn't want to take pics during the show, for obvious reasons, so this will have to do. Afterwards we went for coffee at M&S because I was looking for pine nuts. I did not find any.
Back home, I started cooking a "Golden nugget" squash that I bought in the market earlier. I'm having another games evening tomorrow, but am working at youth club all day, so need to be prepared in advance.

I hope it's not too cold on the playground at 9am tomorrow. Happy weekend, blippers.

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