By strawhouse


It was lovely opening the blinds this morning to see the view. Arriving late last night meant we hadn't seen anything!
Despite a grey day the Dales were looking gorgeous!!
The farmer came round as we were eating breakfast. He said to just give him £20 as we had arrived late and were just about to leave. Lovely man!!
We had no plans for the day, I just wanted to pootle about in the Dales for a bit before heading home. We set off with the road map on my knee and I saw a road leading to the Ribblehead Viaduct. That sounds nice I thought and we went that way!
When we parked I ignored the whinging from the Little Misses - that they didn't want to get dressed; didn't want to get out of Marshall; didn't want to put their coats on; and generally didn't want to behave like normal reasonable people - and off we went to the viaduct!
It was amazing standing at the bottom of it looking up, especially when a train went over. 
And once they were out of the camper the Little Misses enjoyed themselves too! And once again had to be reminded that Mummy knows best!!!
Map on knee I directed Mr K to carry on to Hawes. It was such a fabulous drive - rolling hills, stone walls, Wuthering Heights-esque farmhouses, skeletal trees, stone barns in every field, gorgeous streams and waterfalls, and a pretty town at the end of it!
On the way - alternating between no signal and 4G as we went up hill and down dale  - I managed to Google places to eat in Hawes and found the Wensleydale Creamery. A cheese factory? Yes please!!!!
It didn't disappoint!
I thought my head was going to explode as I looked through the menu. So. Much. Cheese!!
Mr K and I decided to go for the Ultimate Three Course Wensleydale Cheese Experience. Why not?!!
I had cauliflower and Wensleydale Blue soup with a cheese scone to start followed by Wensleydale, Cheddar and Red Leicester mac 'n' cheese. Both amazing!!! Mr K had Black Sheep Ale-Battered Wensleydale Cheese followed by Wensleydale Chicken - on a rosti smothered in a blue cheese sauce. Yummy!
And we both had Wensleydale and ginger cheesecake for pudding. The most delicious cheesecake I have ever eaten!!! See extras!
So much cheese and such tight trousers!!!
Then it was time to head home. As we wended our way down beautiful Wensleydale I couldn't stop pointing out all the walls and the barns and the trees and the streams and waterfalls. Beautiful!
We reached the A1 just before dark and then it was an easy journey home. Stopping only at the same services we stopped at on the way up for tea and petrol.
When Mr K and I got into bed tonight we were struck by the fact that the five of us have spent the last week in a space the same size as our bedroom.
And loved every single second of it!!

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