Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Mono Monday - Celebration

Today it is 5 years of the Mono Monday Challenge so we were asked to take an image with the theme of 'celebration'. The best way to celebrate has to be with champagne (although not in the morning when I took this photo, this was only staged!)

Today is another cause for celebration. After waiting 6 weeks since he was invited to be interviewed, today was the day that Cambridge University were making their offers to some of the students who were interviewed, and thankfully Thomas has been offered a place to read engineering at Downing College. What a relief! The weekend was rather tense knowing that today would be the day he would know, and as he had set his heart on going there it was quite a defining and eventful day for him. We are very proud of him as he has worked so hard to be given this opportunity, but now of course he has to work even harder to get the top results they expect as his offer is conditional on achieving those results. Statistically he had such a small chance of getting a place there, but then I suppose other factors can always defy statistics. 

I had a funny thought - it is very likely that Adam and Thomas could be playing college rugby against each other! Adam plans to do his PhD so if it all works out he will be there for another 4 years, the same time that Thomas will be there.

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