Toy Boat

My day started off quite well, but turned into a highly stressed day – with a requirement for some additional work in a very tight timescale.  I was so glad when I clicked the send button this evening and was then able to leave the office.  There is a meeting first thing tomorrow to follow it all up. 

I got home later than I had planned, but as BB was at rugby after school, it wasn’t too  bad.  Thankfully we had given his apologies for a football match tonight, as it had all seemed like a logistic nightmare.  My evening passed in a flash.

When BB started at high school there was a lack of “techie” teachers, so he got extra science.  Somewhere along the way new teachers have been appointed, and he started getting “techie” (I’m not sure what they call it now).  Having just started to get it, he then missed it for a few weeks in a row due to his cello lesson.  While everyone else was making a boat I think he was still just looking at bits of wood.  He brought his boat home today, and was showing it off proudly. 

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