By Teasel

Supermarket Cat

My turn to get BB out to school today – and he was slow.  At least I made it to the station in time.  I was meant to be at work early today in case of any urgent queries, so I was pleased that were none waiting on me when I got into the office.  I must admit that I had run out of steam today. The last three days have been full on and long.  I did manage a catch up with my team and then with a colleague and later with a few people who we work closely with.  In between all that I submitted the piece of work I stayed late to complete last night.  All this and I also watched two parliamentary sessions and dealt with a  few press queries.  Just another day at the office, when I didn’t leave my desk all day.  The saving grace was that it was daylight when I when to work this morning, as it has been dark every other day.

Once home I made a quick tea for BB, then cooked for TT and I.  Later I walked to the supermarket to up my step count.  Now it is bed time.

This cat hangs out around our local supermarket.  I think it belongs to a former classmate of BB.

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