By Teasel


I got BB out to school and headed out for a run.  It was lighter than last Friday, so at least I could see the slippery bits.  Again I managed to stay on my feet.  I only did 5k, then it was home for a quick turnaround then I hung my washing out and headed out to meet a friend.  We chatted for over two hours, and it passed like that!  She then had to rush off home as her son didn’t have a key and I had to go and meet BB at school to pick up his cello.  I waited and waited and called him and texted him, but no response.  Having waited for a good while, I gave up and headed back to the supermarket for a couple of things, when I got a call from BB.  He had been at orchestra immediately after school and told me it lasted twenty minutes.  How wrong he was.  It lasted over forty-five minutes.  The plan was that I would meet him and take his cello home, so he could go to the gym.  He was too late for the gym, so he headed home for lunch.  He was cross about missing the gym, but there is a later session, he just has to decide if he wants to go to it.

I went out for a wee walk in the sun later on, just to stretch my poor legs out a bit.  Once I had cooked tea and fed BB I then went to my very first yin yoga session.  It was unlike any yoga I have ever done in the past – being I think more about relaxation with “easy’ stretches.  I could have fallen asleep and did enjoy it, but  I really want something with more stretching.  It was then home for a quiet evening and the last two episodes of Spiral.  We can start series 5 now, but I need a break from subtitles!

I think this is viburnum, which looked lovely against the blue sky today.

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