By Teasel

Princes Street

I slept very well – was that as a result of my yoga or just that I was very tired after a hard week at work?  We were rudely awakened by BB, which I didn’t appreciate.  We had a quiet morning.  I should have been doing some household chores, but was not in the mood.  Late morning I went out for a walk in the sunshine, and the boys headed into Edinburgh to watch the Edinburgh v Agen rugby match.

I headed into Edinburgh later and went to see the Turner exhibition at the National Gallery.  I haven’t been for a few years, and Saturday afternoon is never going to be the best time to view it as it was packed.  I found it quite claustrophobic.  I had a quick look around the gallery, before heading to the RSW exhibition in the Royal Academy.  I enjoyed looking around, there were some fabulous paintings on display, including one from (I think), my school art teacher.

I looked in a few shops, but wasn’t really in the mood.  I ended up in Waterstones, thinking I would browse for a  while, to stay warm, before meeting up with BB and TT.  I walked straight into TT.  They had had the same idea. We all browsed.  TT made a purchase, then we headed to the Indian restaurant where we were to have tea.  The food was delicious.  We all enjoyed it and got the bus home about 8pm.  So civilised.  A lovely day all round!

A late afternoon view along Princes Street.

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