By Teasel

Heading South

A new week – and it will be an incredibly busy week work-wise.  I went out for a quick pre-work walk, but not early enough.  That meant I logged on later than I should have done.  I spent all morning on back to back calls and all afternoon trying to catch up with things, and another long tricky call.  I worked late to finish some things off and clear some e-mails from bulging in box.  It’s a real case of one step forward and then two steps back.  We need to be in a better place by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed.
I had no breakfast, so was desperate for some lunch when it was put in front of me.  My soup cooled down when I was on a call, which meant I could almost inhale it before the next call.  It’s always crazy busy when we do this piece of work – but this year seems so much worse.  Probably because we are all sitting at home on our own doing a mammoth task.
After tea, I went out for a walk in the dark.  Now I need to finish something off for tomorrow, but I also listened to this
I spotted this contrail this morning, which seemed very prominent in the sky as the sun was emerging over the Lammermuirs.

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