By Teasel

Market Street

Another busy day – but it felt much less pressured than yesterday  A pre-work walk and some breakfast set me up for another full on day.  I managed a quick walk for get some fresh air at lunchtime, before an afternoon of discussions.  I worked late again, but did stop to assemble tea (I had already prepped it) and put it in the oven.
BB seemed to have had a good day, but spent the evening doing a variety of exercise tasks for his PE challenge.  We were on the last bit of bread and milk, so I popped out for some.  I couldn’t decide whether it was raining of sleeting.  When I came out of the supermarket it was most definitely snowing and everything was beginning turning white.  Everything was white by the time I got home, including me.
This is a view looking along market Street, first thing this morning

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