By Teasel

Wet Snowdrops

The snow was still around this morning, but it was drizzly and foggy, so it was disappearing.  My pre-work walk was in the gloom – I’m not sure it ever got properly daylight today.  Another very busy day at work, more stressed than yesterday, but probably as there was a lot of chasing people and waiting on things.
I popped out for a quick walk in the early afternoon, in the drizzle again.  By the end of my working day we seem to have made a little progress – but not much.  It has been such an intense week so far.  I felt like today should have been Friday, not Wednesday.
BB and I went for a walk in the snow.  It was rather slippery and we were both sliding about.  When I go out for a walk in the evening at the moment, I only meet the occasional dog walker.  Tonight there were lots of people out for a walk in the snow.
The inauguration completely passed me by, but I eventually caught up with the news online. 
I spotted these soggy snowdrops while out for my lunchtime walk.

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