A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

At last

a morning walk with a sunrise.

It wasn’t startling and the actual sun didn’t appear until about half an hour later but it was so much nicer than the damp and dreary mornings we’ve had so often lately.
Of course it was freezing. Setting off at 7.00 in the dark there were a few patches of black ice on the pavement as I walked up to St Ives Woods to meet the other crazy ladies!

It continued to be freezing all day but we had amazing blue skies as we drove over the moor to Ilkley after lunch to do some shopping and then go to the cinema to see ‘Stan and Ollie’. Really well acted and enjoyable, I thought both actors were exceptional in their portrayals.

Tea out and then home to a cosy evening in. More cold weather to come I think.

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