A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Snow walk.

We walked up onto the moor from the village this morning in a flurry of snow. Much of the snow that caused last night's commuter chaos had started melting but there was enough around to make it interesting!

As we came out of the woods onto Harden Moor the sun breached the horizon behind us, extra, so here, near to the stone circle we got this shadow selfie of the three of us. One of the interesting things walking on pristine snow is seeing the animal tracks. You can see some here to the right of our shadows. We saw rabbit tracks at the bottom of our road and some on the moor too, plus pheasants and other unidentified four legged creatures.

You can just see the horizon here too and it looks rather black. It was a snow shower that we walked straight into and it wasn't just a flurry of fluffy snow. It was like needles that stung our faces. Soon we turned our back to it and by the time we got down to Ryecroft we were back in the sunlight - see Corinthian Column. https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2400317704754956408

A bit of a challenge but worth getting out and seeing the snowy scenery.

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