It's been tricky to choose one photograph to blip today. I've gone for a gargoyle on the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos in Belem but I'm going to add an extra or two as well.

Beautifully sunny morning so we caught the tram west to Belem to enjoy a walk in the formal gardens, by the monastery and out to the Torre. It was really warm. We had to go for coffee and Pastéis de Nata, including the gluten free offering.

Tram back into town and we decided to head to to the Parque Eduardo VII with its wide boulevards and glasshouses. Took a different tram half way there and found a delightful place for late lunch. Walked to the gardens and into the glasshouses - cold, warm and sweet. The sweet one was mainly cactus which didn't appeal too much but I loved the green wall in the cold glasshouse.

By the time we left the forecast drizzle had set in but it was downhill all the way back to the apartment so we walked it along an upmarket avenue with shops I'd not be entering - Prada, Cartier and the like.

It's going to be umbrella weather this evening and tomorrow which is a shame but we've holidayed enough in Scotland not to let the rain hold us back. We'll not need a lot to eat tonight but we'll be venturing out for a look round the castle area which is just behind the apartment.

Extra 1 Belem riverfront
Extra 2 Weathervane at Parque Eduardo VII Estufa Fria
Extra 3 green wall in Estufa Fria

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