Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Although Mom doesn't know it, she picked today's blip.  As she, dad, bestie Peggy and I were watching this pied-billed grebe floating around in a glassy pond, mom commented on how it's fluffy butt was well reflected in the water.  So, when I saw this photo, I knew it had to be "the one" for today.  

It was great seeing Peggy today, and we all enjoyed a lot of laughs.  I doubt either of my parents will soon forget the "hair-shaming" story that Peg and I told over lunch.  As for me, getting to spend the morning with three people I love was just perfect.

As my trip draws to an end, I am left feeling very bitter-sweet.  So happy to have had this time with mom and dad, and sad to be saying goodbye tomorrow.  So aware of the never-ending march of time.  

Thanks for joining me on my trip to Arizona.  I expect you'll see some sort of Tiny Adventure tomorrow as I'll be winging my way from west to east, trying to stay one step ahead of a big snowstorm.  

Be well, people.

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