More digging

A quick back blip as yesterday was so busy. I woke at 8 and was digging by 9. I wanted at least one bed dug before breakfast. Jon came by with the dog and said the kids were going to be up and ready to go out at 10.30. I sped up and finished my bed just in time. Cycled home then piled into the car to Morrison's for a cooked breakfast. Our treat on payday!

A wander round the charity shops and found the black handbag I'd been searching for. My filofax fitted in, with a bit of room for other bits, 3 compartments, everything I wanted. Bargain at £9.75 and hardly looks used.

Afternoon I spent filling my new unit with craft bits. Unfortunately not all boxes were delivered so I need to get on to them on Monday.

At 4 we headed down to Cambridge for a lovely evening of food and chat with friends Polly and Richard. A lovely time catching up and they kindly put us up, so we've had a lovely day.

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