By pensionspoet


Today one of my colleagues from our downstairs office is moving on. At lunchtime a few of us joined Sam for a drink in the bar at Cinema City (expensive!) which is nextdoor to our office. I didn't work directly with Sam, but she did collaborate on the pensions newsletter with me and another colleague, and I know she will be greatly missed in that capacity by me, and very much so in her regular day to day job ( supporting just about all the managers downstairs in one way or another) by everyone else. So good luck Sam! She is also reading my book together with her son, and I'm hoping for more positive feedback soon( purely to boost my ego!)

The rest of the day has been sorting out bits and pieces. I got out just after 4, hopefully having left it ready to hit the ground running on Monday. I've been told I worry too much about my work. I don't see that as a negative trait - if no-one worried then little would get done. It is one small area of my life I feel I can control, and make progress in on a day to day basis. It is actually quite 'tidy'.

I'm on the bus. Jon will pick me up at the p&r. Then tonight I hope to start sorting my craft stuff into my new unit that has been delivered today. Quite excited about that! It might be tomorrow's blip....

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