An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Take the long way home...

When we made the decision to go out for lunch yesterday we completely forgot that we were going out for lunch today too!  (But we were good and made healthy choices both times :-)

Today we were meeting our friends Ian and Elspeth who we don't see that often as they live a distance away.  They are taking advantage of a One Night Only deal at Gleneagles this evening so we met up with them in town for lunch before they headed to the hotel.

It's over a year since we've seen them so we had lots to catch up on and we did so over a leisurely lunch and coffee that lasted three hours.  

We drove home via the back road as I wanted to photograph the hills but the light was fading.  Still, I managed to get a shot of this steading that we pass regularly.  I always think it looks a lovely place to live.

Home to an empty house as Alan and Ally had gone to the cinema to see THIS.   Apparently Alan loved it.  Not hard to see why :-))  He'll be wanting a sports car now!  

Evening spent trying to decide on new decor for our bedroom and ensuite.  These are the only rooms that weren't re-done at the same time as the building work.  I just couldn't face it then, when the thought of making even one more design decision would put me over the edge.  I feel I am just about able to look at wallpaper samples without twitching!  

The ensuite is a bigger job as the walk in shower and the flooring will be replaced as part of the refurb.  The previous owners used mermaid board instead of tiles in the shower and I have to say I love it.  So easy to keep clean and no grout issues, so we will be using that again.  We just can't agree on the overall look - modern or traditional (the house is 119 years old) but I am sure D will agree with me eventually come to the right conclusion ;-))

Conversation with David this morning as him and Lola returned from her mad run about long walk on the snow covered moor and David was washing her paws....

Me -  Oh that reminds me,  I need to order another Mush Wax for Lola.
David - Groomers do that for dogs?  Who knew?

Honestly, sometimes I wonder about that man!  hahahahahaha!

Mush Wax for the uninitiated :D

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