My journey to work was much easier this morning, except, I had to make a detour via the dentist for an emergency appointment.  I got off at Haymarket today, and bumped into a friend right outside.  How random life is sometimes.  She was going to a meeting near the station.

The dentist couldn’t find anything wrong with my tooth.  After much investigation, he advised me not to bite or eat on that side of my mouth, and hopefully it would settle down.  Fingers crossed he is right.

I then walked back to work, and had chats with a number of colleagues before I eventually got to my desk. I had a few things that had to be done today, and just managed to get them done, before I was running down to get the train home.

BB and I went to the school Burns Supper this evening.  A number of his rugby team were there, so we had a table of boys and a table of parents.  It was an enjoyable evening, with lots of entertainment, including a few risqué stories and jokes, some of which went over the boys’ heads.  However, not all.  I could see BB almost fall of his chair with laughter at one point.  He delighted in telling a couple of the stories to TT when we got home.

The day started with a firey sky.

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