By Missycat

MonoMonday262 Origin

This month's host, Jensphotos, has asked us this week to explain the origin of our Blip name.  We have done this before when DollyKray was hosting in June 2017 and it was so much fun that Jensphotos wanted to do it again.
 My blip name came about because when I joined in July 2012, (the old mono site)  I got muddled  when I was being asked to enter variously a name, a journal name and a password: my blipname is what I thought was my password!  No, it isn't my password anywhere now and I have modified it anyway by taking off the numbers.  I've never managed to think of an inspirational name for my journal but I might surprise you - and myself - one day yet.
So how did I arrive at the word Missycat anyway?  Well I think that my blip gives you the answer.  Missy was the sweetest little cat and we were heartbroken when she died, aged 11, in 2015.  A very good tempered and obliging puss, she often 'helped' me with my blips, frequently for MonoMonday itself.  It is obvious that I can't take a new picture of her, so I have created a little collage of some of her blip moments and labelled them for reference.  I did have a lot of fun looking back at these photos, so thank you Jensphotos.

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