Keith B

By keibr

Snow, and then more snow

While we were away in the mountains, playing in the snow, more snow was falling at home. Our neighbour had been and ploughed the driveway but that's just the start so after breakfast we got outside. 
I dug out the cars and the parking space while Janet Jan cleared down to the cellar and up to Betty's. Then we joined up to do the kayak tent. This went up in the summer and is fairly tough but we decided not to take a chance with its snow-bearing capability. I used a long broom and ladder to clear around 40 cm of snow from the roof. Naturally that all slid off and started pushing in the sides so they had to be dug out. We took one side each and I did the ends too. Because the snow is cold and fresh it's relatively easy to shift, and not too heavy.  Finally I did the roof over our front door, and the little roof over the Red House front roof.
As Janet Jan tells in her blip we then cleared a huge pile of stuff from one of our rooms, and finished up with yoga. After the ski-weekend I'm a bit behind with the daily yoga so I'd started my day with yoga too. My body is feeling the strain a little, a bit tired and some bits that aren't quite hurting but that are talking to me.
I do like these days of physical work, as long as, like today, it’s my choice!
Origins - the origins of my blip name are fairly mundane. The government department I used to work for, back in the early days of Internet (1995!) gave all their staff an e-mail adress that usually consisted of the first 2 letters of their first name and surname, so Keith Bryant should have become “kebr”. However, someone already had that combination so I got the third letter of my first name added in and became “keibr”. As I joined various online services (facebook, flickr etc) the name “keith”, and even “keithb” always seemed to be previously taken so “keibr” became my online name, and the natural choice in 2013 when I joined Blipfoto.

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