A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Morning Panorama

A very crisp morning with just a dusting of snow/frost on the ground.

We headed to Cottingley Woods but tried to follow a lower path to avoid the steep climb to the Folly. This lead us below some enormous rocks which we normally only see from the top where they appear quite flat. See Auntie P https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2537415046674255149

We eventually rejoined the main path and there was a glow of the sun rising reflected on the trees back in the woods.

Leaving the trees to cross to the Golf course (Shipley) at Beckfoot we were greeted by this lovely light, illuminating the trees across the valley. Couldn’t encompass it all in a regular snap so took this panorama. Good for Wide Wednesday too. (Looks best in large)

From Beckfoot we entered the St Ives Esatae and crossed Low Park back to the village. At the football/cricket ground we had the icing on the cake for our morning walk. 6 deer. Four were spotted to start with and then as two frolicked around the flushed two more quite small ones out of the scrub.

A brilliant start to the day, despite the cold. Pilates next!

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