A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Frosted Dizzy!

Setting out early as usual for a walk around the St Ives Estate it initially didn’t seem as cold or frosty as yesterday.
Wrong. There was a fog hanging around which we walked in and out of and it was obviously of the freezing kind.

At the top of the estate we could see it hanging over the Aire Valley and as we walked across the field to the golf course we were back into it!
It was here that we all became rimed with frost including the dogs! The ladies with long hair below their hats found that frosted too.

At the pond there was only one little patch of unfrozen water. The poor young swans we’re having to share this limited space with the adults, dad still trying to chase them away as we fed them. On the way home we passed several amazing cobwebs, not bejewelled with droplets but frosted, looking like fine Christmas string.

Later Chris and I crossed Ilkley Moor and drove into the sun. The valley was clear but you could see the fog still hanging in the direction of Burley and Otley. We went to a ‘Silver screening’ of The Favourite, purely to get good seats as other times were heavily booked. When we arrived to get the tickets she asked if I’d ever been to a ‘Silver screening’ before and told me to go through as there was free coffee, tea and cake! Fab, and the tickets were cheaper. A first for us which we may try again.
I’d heard varying reports of the film but both of us throughly enjoyed it.

After we went into town for lunch and to do an M & S shop. The fog was back and penetratingly cold. Home now for a cosy afternoon and night in! Stay warm everyone in the UK.

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