A time for everything

By turnx3

A foretaste of Spring!

The temperatures were positively Springlike when we went walking at Miami Whitewater Forest this afternoon. After reaching a low of -4 F in the early hours of Thursday morning, thanks to the Polar vortex, the daytime temperatures have been increasing by large intervals each day, and today we topped out at 62 F, under blue skies and sunshine. We had been planning on doing one of the woodland trails, but unfortunately the road to that area was closed for roadwork, so we were walking on the multi purpose trail. There were plenty of people out enjoying it - walking, jogging, cycling, and horse riding! Unfortunately I had to make do with a back view of the horses, as the front view would have been looking straight into the sun! We walked for about four miles, then headed home. It was good that we made the most of the sunshine, as rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, though still warm! This evening was the Super Bowl. We’re not great American football fans, but we do usually watch this game. However, today’s game was rather boring, very defensive, with very little interesting until the last ten minutes or so of the game.

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