a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Under tension

Mono Monday: Tension

Many thanks to Laurie54 for hosting MonoMonday and setting this particular challenge.  I decided that I would take a shot of a vibrating string using a strobe flash, after all I need to understand more about how to shoot with flash and this is a good time of year to practice.  

My flash commander (a box that sits in the flash hot shoe and send infra red signals to trigger remote flashes) is capable of a repeat flash setting and I eventually worked out how to activate it.  But when an hour later, having set everything up,  I went to produce this shot the remote flashguns blinked red to show that they had received the message but refused to flash.  

It is in these situations that Google is your friend and I eventually tracked down that my DSLR isn't compatible with the Commander's repeat flash function .... even though they are both made by Nikon.  Ho Hum.  

So in the end I reverted to a multiple exposures to produce this shot rather than a single exposure with multiple flashes.  

Tension?  I live and breathe it!  


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