My morning was mainly concerned with exercise.

In the afternoon I dealt with a pile of admin. This included renewing professional membership subscriptions and making bookings for forthcoming work trips (boo!), and deciding flights for a few days of holiday in the south of France in June (hurrah!) I also drafted my father's obituary for the professional press and sent it to my middle sister for comments.

This evening Sally and I played mother's help to Darcie with baby Harper and toddler Jackson. Meanwhile Darcie's husband Keith was out with Sally's husband Richard, Mr hazelh, and Jon at the boys' geek book group. There the four of them discussed a maths paper while we put the children to bed.

It was a beautiful sunny day, slightly warmer than of late. When I hunted for signs of spring in the garden at lunchtime, I found some baby buds, as blipped.

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights and stretches; 1 hour on the exercise bike.

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