madwill's world

By madwill

Misty Lane

I had a dental appointment at 9 - no problems (didn’t even need a clean and polish) :-). Booked again for 6 months, the receptionist asked me ‘What was your name?’ She was bit confused when I said “It still is Martin W…. - I haven’t changed it since I arrived’.

Popped to the supermarket on the way back and then I took Finlay out for a walk. It was quite muddy now that the ground has thawed - my boots felt like they were lined with lead as the mud weighed them down. It was also very misty - but just at ground level - as you can see from the blip shot, the sky was visible. It's a mist tree !

Back home for coffee and then out to the surgery to have some blood taken ahead of my annual (or 18 monthly as it is turning into) MOT and review in a couple of weeks.

After lunch I made some soup (I got a load of tomatoes that were reduced at the supermarket) and then set about fabric packing! Ho hum….

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