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By walkingMarj

Blowing in the wind

Today we have been waiting for the district nurse to come to check Mum's dressing. I stayed here so that I could make sure nothing untoward happened. Our district nurses are lovely, but we rarely see the same one twice, or at least not for a while. I was worried that the dressing might be removed in the wrong direction for the flap on Mum's leg.

Faye, who came, was excellent and soaked off the dressing with great care. It's looking quite good, but it is too soon to tell if the flap will hold or not.

They were busy and did not make it here until the sun was setting. No walk for me today, but I did do 1 mile on the exercise bike.

No shopping either, but tomorrow will do.

Our tulips have come to the end of their lives and I decided to see if I could scatter the petals on black velvet for Flower Friday. The black velvet was elusive, but I found this material which is a longyi. I like the way it looks as though the petals are blowing off the material.

It's been quiet here. I made carrot and parsnip soup (with a touch of warming curry powder) for lunch.

It is very windy so perhaps staying at home was quite a good plan.

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