Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Black and blue

I'm sure I posted a photo of these trees and that moon relatively recently, though I have a feeling it was a full moon rather than this air-sharpened blade - Larkin's wonderful description that I realise I've been misquoting for years (Vers de Société). But this early evening it struck me as the most lovely thing, the sharp silhouettes of the trees and the sharp little sickle of moon, so that I feel quite happy blipping them today.

This photo was taken at about 5.40pm, which is very cheering when you think that we had more gloom at four o'clock not all that long ago. As the birthdays of my two sons approach (they were born 4 years and one week apart, in February) I always recall how the sun was still shining when Daddy came home from work in time for the end of whatever party was going on with Toddler Group friends. Today we were out walking late because of the rugby (exhausting, all that tension) and because I had a date with a tawny owl who might just have decided to call again in a given place at a given time - I've joined in a survey.

Another week gone, and the hint of a cold starting - I shall try not to pay it any heed.

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