A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Bright in Bristol

Bedminster actually, where Grace once worked at the Tobacco Factory, a cafe and theatre.

We dropped John off at the park at Horfield Common with Eda and Chris at the supermarket.

This area in the south of the city, south of the river, is said to be an ‘up and coming’ area to live. Lots of familiar cafe and bakery names from Gloucester Rd but also lots of Vintage shops and even a Vintage Market which is why we we’re making the visit. Grace had a credit note to collect for something she had bought on Etsy and returned. We had an interesting look around but didn’t buy anything.

Another feature of the area, as with everywhere in Bristol, is the wall art. The difference here is that they have an annual ‘Upfest’ where they are all replaced. As with all of them there are some I love and some I hate, in the sunshine I thought this was worth a blip with Grace featuring amongst the flowers.

Grace was given some pretty vintage ‘lily’ egg cups by her friends last night, so we had boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast.

Had our lunch, which featured cake of course, with raspberries and we are now just watching the rugby before we head home.
As always a fun weekend in Bristol.

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