A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Beck Hole

After watching an amazing sunrise the next sight was a blizzard of snow which soon turned everything white.

Friends Ron and Ian were coming from the NE for lunch and to see Eda for the first time so we were a bit concerned but they didn't see any snow till they reached the North York Moors and it was turning to rain by then.

We had coffee and then decided to brave the elements and take a walk down to the nearby hamlet of Beck Hole. The rain stopped and the wind dropped so apart from the mud under foot it was a good walk. The path went via Malayan Spout, a 21 metre waterfall. We took a brief look but the rocks along the path were a bit treacherous.

Reaching the Birch Hall Inn (blip - love Grace's luminous hat) we had to stop for a drink of course. It's a brillaint old pub and we intitally had the tiny room to ourselves but it soon filled up. John took the extra of the interior and you can see Eda asleep on the bench. She was carried all the way asleep, slept all the time we were there and then slept again in the carrier on the way back on the more direct route through village of Goathland.

We had a late dinner (later than planned as the unfamiliar oven was rather slow) before Ron and Ian left us. A lovely day together, thank you for braving the weather and coming.

We then watched the end of the England game. Great result!
A great day even with the early wind and snow!

The final extra is Eda conducting proceedings as we prepared breakfast. Can't believe we leave tomorrow it's gone so fast.

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